Voice Department

Chair of the Voice Department

Honoured Art Worker of RF,



Voice Department was created in the Institute in 2003. It was absolutely natural for the Vakhtangov Theatre school where musicality is the most important element of acting.

Music has an enormous power of attraction for the theatre because it can “express the inexpressible with words”. Today drama theatres work with different kinds of pieces and genres of the musical theatre and this is how they raise the level of requirements for the musical education of actors.

All the disciplines of our Department, their interaction and collaboration, make a system that allow to reveal musicality, emotionality, vocal skills, confidence and freedom which are so necessary in the professional theatre.

Voice Department works in close creative contact with Acting Department, Stage Speech Department, Stage Movement Department. Consequently working as a team we make creative projects – musical shows, class-concerts.

The collective of the department is teachers and concertmasters. They are creative musicians who don’t only have professional experience in teaching music but also in practical theatre work.

Supported by the Institute and Ministry of Culture of RF we initiated carrying out of the International master-class “Music of Theatre. Theatre of Music” that has been held in the Institute several times since 2007. The master-class aroused a serious interest of the specialists in theatre schools of Russia and near abroad. Musicians from Germany, Great Britain and Italy also took part in the master-class.

During a number of years the department successfully takes part in the international program of The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute and Drama Centre London “Russian Semester”.

In 2008 for the first time in history of the institute there was a special enrollment of students for the Moscow Operetta Theatre. The course successfully graduated in 2013, part of the students were engaged by The Moscow Operetta Theatre and another part – by The Theatre of Musical.

The teachers of the Voice Department strive for the search of new effective ways in teaching that can help our graduates to be creatively equipped which means protected in their professional lives.